CamScanner MOD APK 6.64.1 (Without Watermark, Premium unlocked)

CamScanner MOD APK

CamScanner MOD APK without watermark

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Would you know that in this age of technology, digitizing documents, text, and images is a popular way to improve your work? Have you been looking for the perfect image-scanning application? The most effective app is CamScanner MOD APK for document-scanning application.

This app has a cool user interface (UI) that is easy to use and has a lot of features. You may share edited images, and documents online with anybody, anywhere, from a variety of platforms, you can easily and effortlessly perform your work, and physical documents can be converted into PDF or JPEG files.

What is the Camscanner MOD APK?

Camscanner is a well-known trending scanning application that allows users to scan documents and files, and you can use it on Android or PC. You can keep papers online and simply share them via social media, Email attachments, and the document link by producing PDF and JPEG files. The text and photos that will be stored in the sheets can also have the option to change color and format. 

camscanner without watermark

Camescanner MOD APK makes the application more effective and unlocks premium features, so you can easily perform your work and meet the given requirements. Using this app, you can achieve your goals in a short time. By using CamScanner, you can make multiple copies of the same document. 

The scanned images have been greatly enhanced, making them almost better than the actual image and so clear, with many more editing options. It’s easy to use, user-friendly, and faster than the old InkJet scanner. There is no need to buy expensive scanners. The same procedures can be followed with this application. 

Camscanner APK helps you scan documents, text, and images and make a single PDF or JPEG file for future use. The application of the cam scanner is user-friendly and free to download. Camscanner MOD APP is available on both Android and iOS.

Can I Use CamScanner MOD APK on PC or Laptop?

It’ll be possible if you have got the latest version of the Bluestack application installed. 

How Can I Install CamScanner MOD APK on iOS or MAC?

CamScanner MOD version APP is currently supported only on Android devices, our team is working on iOS also. It can be possible soon.

Features of the CamScanner MOD Premium APK

CamScanner is a popular application for scanning and managing documents on mobile devices. Here, you can achieve all the exciting features. Now, we’ll discuss some premium features of Camscanner MOD Application, which include:

Without Watermark

The watermark is a bothersome thing when you share your scanned documents with anyone. If you want to remove this watermark permanently, you need to buy a subscription plan that everyone can’t afford. Most importantly, students who wish to share presentations and assignments without a watermark cannot afford Camscanner’s premium plan.

You don’t need to worry now, we’re here with its modified version that can help you remove the watermark permanently. Download Now and enjoy CamScanner Premium and unlocked amazing gold features. 

Easy to use and quick to digitize, any paper documents

This app allows you to quickly digitize any document from your mobile camera. Camscanner always adjusts the final image to be perfect. It allows you to edit, crop, store, and share your content through email, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

OCR Technology

CamScanner Recognizes, text in scanned documents and converts it into editable text files using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Extract text from scanned images and documents and facilitate editing them.

Auto-Cropping and Image Enhancement

The CamScanner auto-cropping feature automatically detects the document boundaries and crops the scanned image accordingly. Additionally, CamScanner offers image enhancement options to improve the quality of scanned documents.

Quality for sharp and clear documents

The camera scanner crops photos smartly and enhances them automatically. Camscanner Pro MOD APK detects the edges of the documents and can be scanned and cropped. It produces a clear and sharp image.

Automatically enhances image quality by adjusting brightness and contrast, making your documents fully accessible and transparent, and overall increasing the appearance of the documents.

Camscanner without ads

Batch scanning

CamScanner allows you to view multiple pages of a document in one go, which is useful when capturing lengthy documents. This feature of CamScanner helps you scan multiple pages of a document at the same time. It is most useful for scanning lengthy documents, as it saves you a lot of time and is a free app.

Cloud storage services

The Camscanner Mod app provides Different cloud storage services integrated into the app, such as One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. You can also store, share, and access scanned documents from anywhere.

Online collaboration and sharing

Camscanner can easily share links, images, and attachments in PDF and JPEG formats with your friends through email, social media, and messaging apps. You can simply select scanned documents and convert them into PDF or jpeg files that can be sent instantly to your colleagues and friends. It allows you to edit and view your documents and collaborate with others.

Share with password protection

When you share documents with your friends, you can protect your scanned documents by setting a password to prevent unauthorized access. You can also keep your secret documents secure by setting a password. This app adds an extra layer of security to your important documents.

Support for Multi-Language

The scanning app supports over 60 languages, which helps people from different regions of the world. You can keep your entire office’s records in your pocket and increase your efficiency at work. So, you don’t need to have a Camscanner Premium unlocked APK license key to use these features. It’s all available in the CamScanner Modded version. 

Support for sending faxes

It allows you to print offline, fax, and scan documents. You can send faxes across the country with just a few taps. You can share documents as encrypted links. You can also utilize applications that automatically upload files to third-party services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.

Annotation services

It allows you to annotate, making it easy to highlight important files and information from scanned documents using arrows, highlighters, and text.

Camscanner id card

Download CamScanner MOD APK Latest Version from RANKSAPK

  • In Our website search CamScanner Premium unlocked MOD APK.
  • Click or Press the Green color download button, and the downloading of Camscanner will begin.
  • Wait a while, after downloading the downloaded MOD file of Camscanner the installation will take place.
  • Hurrah! Now you can scan any document and enjoy the pro feature of CamScanner.

Pros and Cons of CamScanner MOD Pro APK


  • Scanning any document is free of cost.
  • Remove the watermark without Ads.
  • There are limitless experiences, so you can scan and share unlimited documents.
  • Unlimited Cloud space to store unlimited documents.
  • You’ll not face any advertisements throughout the scanning and sharing process.
  • Scanned any file without the internet.
  • You’ve got the password protection option by which you can secure important documents


  • A stable internet connection is required for syncing documents on cloud storage.
  • Sometimes it can cause inconsistencies in image quality. This can result in blurred or distorted scans, particularly when scanning documents with intricate details.
  • CamScanner can only share scanned documents in limited formats.
  • It is not compatible with all Android and iOS devices. So, some users can’t use its functionality.

Final Verdict

I’ve personally used this application for the past five years and found it suitable for document scanning. You can scan your keynotes, documents, and ID card anywhere, anytime. It’ll help you digitize all the most valuable documents that you can’t keep on hand all the time. It can also be shared directly through social media platforms and by email without any watermark.

It’s also possible to store these documents in Camscanner’s cloud storage, giving you quick access whenever you need them. The application is easy to use and secure, so you can rest assured your documents are safe. It’s an excellent tool for those who want to stay organized and keep their documents safe.


Yes, you can scan your identity card by selecting your ID card from the menu.

If you download CamScanner MOD APK from RANKSAPK, all premium features can be unlocked without subscription charges.

CamScanner premium price depends upon the package you buy. However, if you can’t buy it you can download the MOD version free of cost with all premium unlocked features. 

If you’re using a simple CamScanner developer version then you’ve only limited storage. But Here you got the MOD version that gives you unlimited cloud storage.