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Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight Motion Pro MOD APK Without Ads

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Would you be interested in creating appealing and engaging images and videos? Alight Motion is a professional editing application in this era of Science and Technology. With its wide range of tools and motion graphics features, you can create stunning visuals. You can also download the Alight Motion MOD APK for endless imagination and a better experience.

Alight Motion is becoming more popular among social media content creators who like editing images and videos before uploading them to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. That’s why Alight Motion ranks on top in both the Play Store and App Store. Its downloads increase with every passing day reaching over 50 million.

The Alight Motion MOD APK provides premium top-notch features that make it easier to take your visual content such as video and images to the next level. Alight Motion is one such app that trends all over the world for its user-friendly and immersive interface.

Alight Motion APK Overview

Alight Motion is an easy-to-use mobile video editing and animation application similar to VN MOD APK. Both these applications are trending because of their array of graphic design features such as audio editing, video effects, GIF creation, and object animation. Alight Motion also includes an extensive library of sound effects and trending songs, providing users with the ability to add professional-sounding audio to their projects.

Alight Motion supports both image and video layers, allowing users to create professional and complex animations and graphics. Alight Motion also has export options, allowing you to quickly share your created videos or images on popular social media applications.

Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight Motion MOD APK (AM Pro) is an award-winning popular video editing and animation application for Android users gifted by Alight Creative, Inc. The application empowers you to create stunning visuals, motion graphics, and special effects directly on your Android device. If you’re creating content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok 18+, and other social media platforms, this tool is the right choice for you.

The application comes in Free and Pro versions. In Free mode, you can access limited features of video or image editing. Moreover, the Pro version unlocks all the features of Alight Motion but you need to purchase a subscription package before unlocking it. It’s not affordable for everyone, so we are providing our MOD version of Alight Motion.

The Alight Motion MOD APK version unlocks all the features in the same way as the Pro version, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s absolutely free and easy to use. So, if you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable video editing application, download Alight Motion Pro APK and amaze the world.

Features of Alight Motion APK

Intuitive interface

The interface is an important aspect of any product, as it determines the user experience. Alight Motion Pro APK provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing users to quickly get familiar with video and image editing features and tools.

Powerful toolset

The application offers tools and features to cater to various creative needs. From basic video editing functionalities like trimming, cropping, and adjusting playback speed to advanced features such as keyframe animation, color correction, and visual effects, Alight Motion provides you with a way to unleash your imagination and create visually stunning content.

High-resolution content

Content creators can’t compromise on content quality, that’s why Alight Motion provides you with different formats to choose from. In the original version, you could only export your videos in up to 480P, but Alight Motion Pro unlocks all restrictions and offers high-quality 4K resolution videos, up to 8K resolution images, and high-quality audio.

Alight Motion MOD APK

Key Features of Alight Motion Pro APK

Built-in Motion Graphics

Alight Motion creates captivating motion graphics and applies visually striking effects to your content. With a vast library of pre-built motion presets and effects, it’s easy to create something unique using these built-in functions. You can enhance your videos with dynamic animations, transitions, and eye-catching visuals without extra effort.

Key Frame Animations

Static images become a boring concept in the rapidly evolving world of digital content creation. Alight Motion’s powerful keyframe animation system allows creators to animate static images or other elements within their videos. You can create professional-grade animations without large and complex software.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Personal computers and MACs were the only sources of video and image editing in the recent past. Now, Alight Motion changed the world. You’ll be able to edit your videos and images on your Android or iOS smartphones with just a few taps. Alight Motion’s mobile application is easy to use and gives your content a professional and attractive look.

Multiple Formats

You can export and share your content in multiple formats such as PNG, WEBP, PNG, JPG, and MP4. You can share your created videos, and reels in MP4 format on popular social media applications, as all support MP4 video content.

You can also make stickers in GIF format and share them on platforms such as WhatsApp, LINE, and Discord. Alight Motion also provides you with an interface to export your designed images in PDF format for printing or editing.

So what are you waiting for? Alight Motion Pro APK free download for Android and share everything you want.

Multiple Aspect Ratio

If you’re a professional graphics designer or video editor, you need to follow customers’ instructions. Most probably every customer demands a different size of image or video, in other scenarios, you also need a different size of image or video for different social media applications. Here our point of focus is the Aspect Ratio.

Don’t worry! Alight Motion knows your needs and provides you with the feature of Aspect Ratio – You can select the aspect ratio that is 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, or 4:5 and also choose according to your created video. With Alight Motion, you can save one video or image with multiple aspect ratios.

Alight Motion MOD for PC

Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation creates animated motion by setting a few keyframes throughout a scene. It is a popular animation technique in Alight Motion used to create smooth and realistic videos. You’ll also be able to adjust properties such as rotation, and opacity over time and position.

If you enjoy watching videos without ads, you might want to try downloading the YouTube Premium app.

How to download the latest version of Alight Motion Pro for PC?

To download and install Alight Motion on a PC, you need an Android emulator (BlueStacks) installed on it.

How to Download Alight Motion APK on iOS for free?

You can get Alight Motion Pro APK for iOS devices from the AppStore.

Additional Features of Alight Motion Modded APK 

No watermark

If you’re a professional graphic designer, having a watermark in your work will annoy you. We remember your worries, that’s why we came here with the MOD version that removes all watermarks from your designed videos and images without charging a single penny.

No Ads

If you’re working on your project as a professional graphic designer, you can’t let anyone interrupt you. However, the free version of Alight Motion offers distracting and time-consuming ads. The modded APK of Alight Motion is an excellent solution for professionals who don’t want advertisement distractions. As a result, they are able to focus on their work.

Unlimited Fonts

Only a few fonts are available for editing in the free version. The MOD version unlocks all premium fonts as well as provides you an option to import an unlimited number of fonts from Google or another platform. The MOD version also offers more formatting options, such as the ability to change font size, color, and style to create stunning content.

Chroma Key

The removal of background and other spots in images and videos is an important part of graphics design. An important technique for this is the chroma key. Basically, it involves digitally removing a video or image’s background and replacing it with a different one. This technique is widely used in movies, videos, and TV productions.

Supports XML Files

Alight Motion supports XML files, giving you an extra edge over other video editing applications. Now you can import or edit any file from anywhere at any time. The XML files allow you to define animation effects and create unique video content.

Alight Motion for iOS

Some Additional MOD Features of Alight Motion Pro Application

  • Unlocks premium presets
  • Lagged- Free
  • Unlock the mod menu and all mods

How to Download, Install, and Use Alight Motion Pro Modded APK

  • Visit RANKSAPK.COM and search for Alight Motion Pro Modded APK.
  • Download the modified APK of Alight Motion and install it on your device.
  • Enjoy the features that are unlocked in the premium version of the application.

Why Alight Motion MOD APK? Pros and Cons


  • Different Layers to create motion graphics and animated videos.
  • You’ve 2500+ fonts to make your editing experience stunning.
  • Watermarks can be removed from images and videos.
  • You can use the chroma key function to remove the background from the content.
  • Alight Motion MOD APK No Ads interface helps you to focus on your work without interruption.
  • You can download content in HD quality with high resolution.
  • The Application of alight motion supports multiple formats.


  • The MOD version of Alight Motion isn’t compatible with all Android devices.
  • Sometimes it may drain extra battery and resources.
  • The update of the mod application takes extra steps and time, which is time-consuming.

Final Verdict

Our team has personally used Alight Motion Premium APK mods and found it an excellent video editing and animation tool. The performance of this program is exceptional, and the user interface is intuitive. For those seeking an easy-to-use and powerful video editor, we highly recommend this app.

It would also be appreciated if you could provide us with your valuable feedback about Alight Motion Pro MOD APK and related mods applications.

If you’ve not tried yet, Do it now by downloading Alight Motion Premium APK MOD and unlocking the paid full app on your Android device.


Absolutely, if you download the Alight Motion APK Premium version from RanksAPK. The Alight Motion APK MODs have been thoroughly tested and verified by our team to be free of viruses and other malicious software. Furthermore, it is updated regularly to ensure it is up-to-date and secure.

Alight Motion mod apk application cannot be updated automatically or within the application. You always need to visit our website and download a new version that updates the current version.

Yes, it’s not necessary to have an internet connection to use the Alight Motion. The internet connection can only be used to share your content on social media and export effects from the cloud.