Zombie Catchers MOD APK v 1.38.6 (Unlimited Money and Plutonium)

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Zombie Catchers MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Do you aspire to experience strange gameplay where people aren’t frightened by Zombies? If yes, Zombie Catchers APK, an action game published by Decca Games, is perfect for experiencing such kind of gameplay, because in this game, you’ll hunt Zombies. Moreover, Zombie Catchers MOD APK, a MOD version, is superb for you, because it gives you unlimited money, plutonium, and other necessities for free.

Zombie catchers mod apk

Your main objective in the Zombie Catcher is to catch Zombies and to prepare various desserts and juices from them. You’ll sell these juices and desserts to your customers, because they like them. In addition, they don’t know about the formation of these drinks and desserts. So, you should have to focus on your business in the game to be a great entrepreneur.

Moreover, Zombie Catchers MOD is a hilarious but exciting game, because there are unlimited unbelievable features like strange gameplay, numerous locations, gorgeous graphics, lethal weapons, and other splendid attributes. These immersive features will help you to spare your free time. So, read the whole review about a famous game, Zombies Catchers.

Zombie catchers apk

Strategic Gameplay

In the Zombie catchers MOD game, you’ll play your role as a Zombie hunter that’ll give you a strategic experience. Bud and AJ, two aliens, will help you to fetch Zombies, because they came on the planet to eliminate Zombies and to save humanity. With their help, you’ll catch multiple Zombies and will turn them into mouth-watering juices and desserts to sell. Moreover, there’s an underground laboratory to convert Zombies into delicious drinks.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Zombie Catchers is a fabulous game in which you’ll have to catch Zombies without getting them harmed. There are distinct locations where you can hunt a variety of Zombies with the help of numerous tranquilizers, traps, and weapons to make several delectable drinks. So, you should also keep your equipment updated, because they can escape and can hide in various dark areas or bushes.

But all the facilities, you can’t obtain in the official version of the game, because there are some limitations. Therefore, most of the players love the MOD version, because it’s unlimited facilities like unlimited money, plutonium, unlocked levels, and weapons free of cost. So, in our opinion, Zombie Catchers MOD Menu APK is as right as rain for you.

Zombie catchers MOD Apk

Features of Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Lethal Weapons and Traps

Having lethal weapons and tranquilizers is essential, because some Zombies can throw various items like stones and plates on you. Most of the Zombies will run away when they see you.

Use the given weapons:

  • Tesla Trap
  • Jetpacks
  • Harpoon
  • Zombie Trap
  • Freezer Gun

So, you should use these weapons to catch numerous Zombies in the game for your business. You’ve to catch all the Zombies, because fewer Zombies will affect your business. Tesla Trap is the best thing since sliced bread, because you can kill multiple Zombies with it.

Upgrade Your Guns

What is your level of commitment to your business? If your level is high, you’ll have to keep your weapons upgraded, because as you know, your whole business relies on Zombies. If a single Zombie escapes, you can lose your customers due to a shortage of juices. So, keep your equipment updated, because there are multiple sneaky but sharp Zombies. Additionally, they can easily run away to hide in the jungle.

Zombie catchers unlock weapons

Numerous Locations

As you know, there are multiple kinds of Zombies in the game, but you can find them by using distinct locations. Special kinds of Zombies like Beach Zombies, Lagoon Zombies, and others are used to make numerous kinds of juices and desserts. Additionally, you can use drones to explore multiple locations where you can conveniently hunt a variety of Zombies to make mouth-watering drinks by using a number of recipes.

Zombies’ Profession

This feature makes Zombie catchers an adventurous game, because first of all, you’ll catch distinct varieties of Zombies from various locations. Secondly, you’ll turn them into numerous eatables like drinks, desserts, and juice. Lastly, you’ll sell the drinks to the buyers of your town. So, it looks like an adventurous game where you’ll have to complete multiple in-game tasks. By using this strategy, you can be a millionaire and a great tycoon.

Create Desserts and Juices

You’ll convert all the hunted Zombies into numerous eatables like desserts, drinks, and juices to sell. There’s an underground laboratory to convert them into appetizing items. In this way, you can gather a huge profit to enlarge your profession. Moreover, you can make snacks, candies, and other mouth-watering eatables to sell.

Zombie catchers MOD APK

Offline & Online game

A compelling feature, grabs the attention of people globally, is its offline and online gameplay. You can enjoy the Zombie Catchers game when you’ve no wifi and can even enjoy it on the moon. Furthermore, you can perform all the assigned missions in the game without the internet and can get all the beneficial in-game rewards. All you need to do is just to download the game by using the internet. 

Some Other MOD Features of Zombie Catchers MOD APK

MOD APK of Zombie Catchers has unlimited beyond-belief features that take its worth to the sky. Due to this reason, millions of players love the MOD version.

Let’s discuss its attributes:

Unlimited Plutonium and Money

Unlimited plutonium and money are as essential as weapons in a catcher game, because you can’t catch Zombies and can’t upgrade your weapons without them. Moreover, you can’t earn an enormous amount of money in the official version without burning the midnight oil. So, get Zombie catchers MOD APK unlimited plutonium and money download for free.

Unlimited Everything

Additionally, you can acquire all the premium items like costly weapons and traps. You can also unlock multiple locations in the MOD version by pressing a single button. Moreover, you can expand your business conveniently with the help of MOD features. Zombie Catchers all Zombies allows you to hunt dozens of Zombies in a single round.

Zombie catchers apk

Free to download

As you know, there are thousands of sites on google that get dozens of dollars to provide APK games. Furthermore, their files are full of viruses and aren’t able to work. But we provide these APK games and apps free of cost. So, Zombie Catchers download is the best thing since sliced bread for you, because it’s virus-free.

No Advertisement

Ads are a gigantic source of disturbance while playing games. Moreover, they can convert our concentration from missions. For players’ convenience, ads are removed from the MOD version. So, you can enjoy Zombie Catchers MOD version and can complete in-game challenges.

Pros and Cons of Zombie Catchers MOD APK


  • You’ll soon immerse in the game, because the gameplay is extremely strategic and engaging.
  • There are dozens of equipment like tranquilizers, weapons, and others to help you to catch Zombies. You can also upgrade them.
  • Furthermore, the stunning graphics and serene sound quality stick the player to the game and provide them with extra fun.
  • You can also get a real business experience of selling multiple kinds of juices and desserts in the game.


  • Zombie catcher is a solo-player game therefore, you can’t enjoy it with friends and family.
  • You’ll be addicted soon to the Zombie games and will never abandon them.

How to Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK?

You can enjoy Zombie Catchers code on your numerous devices like android, IOS, MAC, and PC. So, follow the procedure to download the game from here.

  1. Go to the setting of mobile and enable “Unknown Resources.”
  2. Then, remove the previous version of the game if you’ve.
  3. Tap the above download button to get Zombie Catchers MOD game.
  4. After downloading, open the file manager and tap the file to install.
  5. Wait for only a few seconds to complete it.
  6. Open the game and enjoy its valuable features

Final Verdict

Zombie Catchers 2 is a superior game, because you can experience a huge adventure and business in the game. Hunting Zombies is a great feeling, because people are always afraid of them. Furthermore, you can acquire all the beneficial features like unlimited money, plutonium, unlocked weapons, and others. So, without wasting your essential time, get Zombie Catchers MOD APK download free of cost. Share your honest feedback below with us.

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Yes, Zombie catchers is an online action game, but you can enjoy the game without wifi on your numerous devices, because it’s also an offline game.. 

Of course, you can download Zombie Catcher PC without paying a single dollar from this website.

You can get infinite money in the MOD version, just all you need to do is to download the latest MOD version from here.

All the weapons are the best, but Net Gun is good at efficiency, because you can catch dozens of Zombies with its help.