Download YouTube Blue APK 19.20.34 (Pro, No Ads) [March 2024]

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In this era of AI, we can imagine that every smartphone user relies on YouTube for entertainment, news, inspiration or education purposes. That’s why it’s leading around the globe and every smartphone has this application by default. Due to some restrictions, we’re introducing YouTube Blue APK.

It provides premium features like ad blocking and background playback, making it ideal for YouTube enthusiasts. Every YouTube user has experienced ads during watching their favorite movies either at the beginning or during streaming that take away the enjoyment of the content.

YouTube Blue APK is an advanced AI-based MOD APK that has the same functionality as the original YouTube. Moreover, it has some advanced pro capabilities that makes it a perfect choice for youtube lovers such as built-in an advanced ad-free environment.

You can play videos in 4K resolution and play audio in the background without the video when the screen is off. This makes it very convenient for music streaming. Additionally, it can cast videos from the device to other compatible devices.

Youtube Pro Blue APK Latest Version

Youtube Vanced vs. Youtube Blue – what are the differences?

Both are modded applications of Youtube that work in a similar fashion. The minor difference among them is the blue theme available in the Youtube Blue MOD version.

Is it possible to use YouTube Blue APK on PCs?

Surely, Your PC should have installed an Android Emulator on it. In this emulator your PC acts as an Android device, now you can download and install Youtube Blue on your PC.

Most Demanding Features of Youtube Blue APK

YouTube powered by Google has a large number of features that are also available in YouTube Blue Application. You’ll be pleased to hear that YouTube Blue comes up with some additional premium features that aren’t available in the developer application due to some security or other reason.

However, the users of YouTube are demanding it intensively. YouTube Blue’s additional features discussed below in this article.

No Ads

If you’re watching live streaming on YouTube, you can miss some memorable moments due to pop-up ads. To solve this problem, here is Youtube’s Blue advanced ads blocker option that allows users to watch live streams or recorded videos without ads or pop-ups.

Background Playback

Nowadays, users like multitasking on their devices. They love listening to music while chatting, surfing the internet or even when the Youtube is minimized or the device’s screen is turned off. Background playback allows users to play audio or video content while navigating through other apps or playing games.

This Youtube Premium feature allows users to multitask without getting bored on their devices.

 High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode

It is important to pay attention to the quality of content, especially when you’re looking for images or videos. Most Youtube users look for a wider range of colors and brighter displays. HDR Mode in this Youtube Pro version provides a higher quality video experience with more vivid colors and contrast.

Zoom in and out

Sometimes while watching videos you need to pinch the screen in or out in order to focus on specific parts of videos. The zoom in and out function of Youtube Blue APK can help you watch videos more clearly.


In this Premium Youtube mod app, multiple resolution options like 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K are available. If your internet connection isn’t stable, you can switch between resolutions on the fly without the need to reload the video.

If you can’t wait long enough for downloading HD videos you can select a low resolution that takes no time at all and you can save your video to your smartphone device in no time. Low resolution videos can be watched instantly and don’t take up much space. This makes them convenient for watching videos on the go. They are also much easier to share with friends and family.


Almost everyone will get bored by using the same theme in official YouTube, that’s why modded YouTube comes in with multiple themes. In different versions of YouTube, you can choose between the Blue, Red, or Black themes.

Minimize Window

If you’re browsing other content while watching a video or music, you don’t need to close the current music or video. Due to Youtube Blue Mod’s ability to minimize your window, you will receive an additional benefit and can browse anything while enjoying music.

Video Repetition

Some music and videos are inspiring that you want to listen to again and again while playing games or doing other tasks. You can’t play it again after completion because you can’t afford to switch between the game and YouTube. That’s why Youtube Premium Blue APK provides you with an option to enable video repeat. You can enable or disable this option in the YouTube settings menu.

Download Unlimited Videos

Similar to official YouTube, Mod versions also can download unlimited videos that can be watched later, when you have no internet connection. After a couple of days, the downloaded videos should be synchronized on the internet.

Personalized Recommendation

The world is moving at an accelerated pace in terms of artificial intelligence, YouTube with its mods also uses advanced AI based algorithms to understand the knowledge from previous search history and available data and gives suggestions to the users accordingly.

Watch Later

We usually put videos in a watch later list when we want to watch them later. This list helps us remember which videos to view and when to watch them. This list is very useful when we don’t have time to watch the video.

YouTube Vanced APK

How to download and Install the Latest version of Youtube Blue APK?

  • Visit RANKSAPK in your web browser and search for the Youtube Blue application.
  • The download button is available at the beginning of the article; click on it.
  • Ensure that your device is ready to install files from Unknown sources.
  • After completion, open the downloaded MOD file. The installation will start.
  • All done. Enjoy the Youtube Mod function.

Final Verdict

We’ve personally used this mod application and found that it has all YouTube functions. Plus, it has some additional features such as advanced ad blocking, background music playback that make it suitable for a YouTuber or YouTube lover.

Its plus point is that it takes a small amount of storage and your device won’t lag after installing it. So, go ahead and download YouTube Premium Blue APK Start watching your favorite videos without ads and with high video quality. Enjoy uninterrupted video watching with no buffers.

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RANKSAPK provides secure and safe mods files. Our team ensures that our users will receive virus-free files.

You cannot find the modded apps on Playstore, so if you’re interested in YouTube Blue you can download the latest version that is 100% working from our website.

Currently it only works on android based platforms. You can watch videos on official YouTube on iOS devices.