YAS Download Shortcut Free Latest version 2024 v7.84 IOS (13, 14, 15, 16, 17)


YAS Download Shortcut for Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Others

Note: Tiktok Fixed, The can’t Connect problem has been fixed now

X issue Fixed, Youtube Fixed, Instagram issue Fixed

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Are you trying to figure out any solution to downloading videos, images and music from social media applications such as Instagram and YouTube on your iPhone device? Then, no need to worry about anything more because YAS Download Shortcut similar as R Download Shortcut is a solution to your every problem.

On this page, you’ll learn about YAS Shortcut, what you need to do to download Videos, Images, Reels from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook , Twitter and similar social media applications.

Downloading content on an iPhone has always been a challenge for iOS users. Unlike Android devices, iPhones have a closed file system which means you cannot directly download files from the internet and save them on your device.


The YAS Shortcut is a revolutionary Siri shortcut that allows you to download and save any content you want on your iPhone with just a few clicks. The shortcut is easy to use, and you don’t need technical knowledge. YAS shortcut provides you with an interface to download any Reels, Videos, Images or documents from any social platform Such as Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, FB etc.

What is YAS Download Shortcut?

YAS Shortcut is a user-generated Siri Shortcut that facilitates users to download any files from the internet on iPhone devices. The YAS Shortcut is a simple and efficient tool that lets you download content from various sources on your iPhone.

This shortcut works on any iPhone running iOS 13, 14, 15, 16 and iOS 17 or later. It is designed to make downloading content easy and seamless. With this shortcut, you can download videos, reels, images and documents from various platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

What’s New in the Latest Version of YAS Download shortcut

  • Fix Instagram and YouTube downloader
  • Add More Youtube High Quality Servers
  • Remove the watermark from TikTok videos.
  • Fix downloading from Pinterest

Features of YAS Download

Compatible with Many Social Media Platforms

When downloading content from social media, it’s helpful to have a tool that can be used across multiple platforms. The YAS Shortcut is designed to work with many social media platforms. This makes it a versatile option for those who want to easily save and share images, videos or any other content on their favorite social media channels.

Download Videos Without Watermarks

The watermark is often frustrating for users who want to download videos from Tiktok or Youtube. Try YAS to save videos without watermarks on any social media channel.

Easy and Free to Download

If you’re interested in YAS, you can easily get it from RANKSAPK without spending any money on it. Don’t be amazed! Yes, the shortcut doesn’t cost you anything and you can install it by clicking the install shortcut button above.

Fast Downloading

When you’re looking to download huge files from social media, the one thing you should definitely consider is download speed. With the YAS iOS Shortcut, you can enjoy fast download speeds that allow you to quickly save content to your device.

The YAS Shortcut uses advanced algorithms to optimize download speeds, so you can be confident of the fastest possible performance. Whether you’re on a fast Wi-Fi network or a slower cellular connection, you can rely on YAS iOS shortcut to download quickly and efficiently.

Simple Interface

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can easily navigate YAS iPhone Shortcut and start using it right away due to its user-friendly interface. Simply install the shortcut on your iPhone, then open it and follow the prompts to download anything from your favorite social media channels.

Configuration YAS shortcut

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YAS Download iOS Shortcut provides users with an ads-free environment that can help users to save content on iOS devices without any delay or without being irritated by pop-up ads that can interrupt you and cause delay in download because everyone knows time is a most precious element of the world.

Multi-iOS Compatibility

This Latest version of YAS download shortcut is compatible with iOS 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. So, if your iPhone device has any of the versions the shortcut is compatible with, you simply try YAS. It is light-weight, so you don’t need another downloader that takes extra space on your iPhone.

Download Simultaneously

More than one video, image or other file can be downloaded at the same time. So, if you’ve any plan to download any playlist or folder of images, you should choose this shortcut instead of the other.


YAS Shortcut Basic Requirements for iOS

  • The first requirement for YAS (the trending shortcut) installation is having an iOS device either an iPhone or iPAD.
  • The second requirement is that your iOS device has the built-in Shortcut application.
  • If you’ve removed it or accidentally deleted the shortcut application from your iPhone, it’s not a big deal as you can get it back from the App Store.

YAS Download Shortcut Process of installation on iPad or iPhone Devices

  • Click on the “Install YAS” button above to download and install YAS Shortcut.
  • Open the built-in Shortcut Application and select My Shortcut.
  • Here you’ll find YAS Downloaded Shortcut that can be opened after clicking.

How to Save Files from YAS Downloaded Shortcut

Method No 1

you can save files from Safari after putting the URL of your desired file in URL space. After that you need to enter the file name. The downloading of the desired file will begin.

Method No 02

The second method is a little bit easy and simple as compared to the first one for downloading Instagram or other social media files.

Simply click on the social media channel, open the desired file, Click on Share option, then Select More and go with the YAS to start downloading.

YAS Shortcut latest version 7.64

Pros and Cons of YAS Shortcut


  • High Download Speed
  • The UI is simple and easy
  • Compatible with multiple versions of iOS
  • No ads
  • Watermark removed


  • Can’t work on Android
  • Updating the shortcut is difficult.
  • Doesn’t exist on the App Store.

Recommended Shortcuts

Final Verdict

In final words, I’ve tried it personally and found it to be a delight for iPhone lovers. Its users are increasing every day due to its simple UI and Zero Ads environment that’s the reason it is trending in the world. If you’re planning to download any social media file fast-paced and without any interruptions, then download with Shortcut named YAS on our recommendation.

Contact us via email or form if the shortcut doesn’t work on your iOS device or if you have any other issues with this shortcut. RANKSAPK resolves your problem as quickly as possible using their knowledge and skills.


Yes, you should visit RANKSAPK shortcut page and after selecting YAS, you can get this shortcut without paying anything.

Yes, if you get the file from RANKSAPK it supports all iOS versions.

You can delete the shortcut by opening the built-in shortcut application, selecting YAS and then tap Edit and “Remove” the shortcut.

Yas Download Shortcut current version is 7.84.

Yes, it’s hundred percent safe for all aspect, if you’ll try this amzing shortcut in your iOS device.

Don’t worry! this shortcut consume small amount of data 120Kb in your device.

It’s upto you, this shortcut can save data from all the popular social media apps. You can save reels from instagram, Clips from Facebook, trending vidoes from Tiktok, and viral videos from X.