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If you’re a true lover of strategy games, then you’ve probably heard of MAX Games Studio Ltd, the organization that develops many trending strategy games. Stick War Legacy is one of them, the popular strategy-based Android game that puts you in the driver’s seat, commanding an army of stick figures and battling it out against other gamers.

Stick War Legacy is a game that involves building an army of stick figures and leading them into battle against other players or against the game robot. The highlight of Stick War Legacy is its 3D graphics that capture the attention of gamers. In the game, you control a stick figure army and your objective is to conquer enemy territory while defending your own.

Stick War Legacy MOD Menu

You can train various units, such as swordsmen, archers, and spearmen, and upgrade them with different abilities and weapons. Through the Stick War Legacy campaign mode, you can unlock new abilities and units. Endless Dead, Tournament, and Challenge modes are available in the Stick War Legacy game.

If you’re surfing the internet looking for how to get unlimited coins and gems in Stick War Legacy? Download the Mod APK of Stick War Legacy that arrives with every necessary feature that you require. The mod version of Stick War Legacy comes with zero ads, making you more addicted without getting interrupted.

What is the Stick War Legacy APK?

Stick War Legacy is a fun game that requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes to complete the challenges. It has received positive reviews on all platforms from gamers and its popularity increases every day.

A strategy game enthusiast will definitely enjoy this with the upgraded weapons and mysterious items. Start by selecting your army’s units and deploying them on the battlefield to attack your opponent and make a strategy to defend yourself.

Addictive Gameplay

Stick War Legacy is a real time engaging game that requires tactics, quick thinking, and luck. The game places you in the reins of an army composed of stick figures. You can also control them manually by tapping on the screen. Unless you tap, your army will automatically move and attack the enemy. For an advantage over your opponents, use your special abilities, such as spells, archery, and giants.

Campaign, endless, and tournament are the names of games mode available in the Stick war legacy game. Stick War Legacy MOD APK these 3 modes has its own challenge and requires a different strategy.

The campaign mode is a story-driven mode that takes you through the game’s world, while the endless mode is a survival mode where you face constant waves of enemies. Tournament mode is a PvP mode where you battle against other players or robots in real-time.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK

What is Stick War Legacy MOD APK

The Premium modified version of Stick War Legacy that unlocks premium items and units free of cost. With this mod version of Stick War Legacy, you’ll get unlimited coins and gems that will take you advantage in the game.

With the Stick War Legacy MOD APK VIP version, you’ll get unlimited money and diamonds to upgrade your units, weapons and enjoy an ad-free gaming experience. Unlike many other mods, the Stick War Legacy Mod version game APK does not require root so that you can access unlimited everything like free shopping, unlimited money and diamonds, the latest characters and various modes.

What’s New in the Latest Version of Stick War Legacy MOD APK 

  • Every Friday, a new set of levels will appear in Missions Mode, which poses an enormous challenge to keep things in order.
  • Stick War Legacy mod apk 999 army generally refers to an army composed of the maximum number of units allowed in the game, which is 999. Building a 999 army can take a lot of time and resources, but it can be a powerful force on the battlefield.
  • The game’s map is similar to a saga, offering a multitude of rewards to be obtained.
  • By unlocking each of the three difficulty settings in the game (normal, hard, and insane), you will be able to earn crowns.
  • When arrows hit a unit, they now stay embedded, and there are enhanced and improved blood effects and damage-taking animations.

Brand-new modes to explore Stick War Legacy

  • Forward Statue
  • Triple Barricaded Gold
  • Mini-Bosses
  • Deathmatch
  • Win Before Sunset
Modded version of Stick War Legacy

Features of Stick War Legacy APK

Stick Figures Battles

Since stick figures are funny looking and fairly simple, they always bring laughter and fun. However, do not be deceived by their apparent simplicity. Stick War Legacy encompasses vast, epic battles where you must lead your forces, minimize losses, and devise tactical maneuvers.

Item Customization in Stick War Legacy

Customization of items allows you to modify weapons and armor in the game. By doing this, you can improve warriors’ performance and defense, making it easier to hit their opponents, which is especially helpful in battles where opponents move fast. 

Collection of Items

In Stick War Legacy, a huge amount of items are available that can help you dominate the battlefield. Units are the backbone of your army. Units can be upgraded by spending gold, which is obtained by killing enemy units. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s key to know which ones to use in different situations.

Types of Units in Stick War Legacy

  • Swordwrath
  • Archers
  • Speartons
  • Magikills

You’ve high damage level strength and effectiveness by upgrading them. Swordwrath Upgrades Increase the health, damage, and speed of Swordwrath units. Archers Upgrades Increase Archer units’ range, damage, and accuracy. Spearton’s Upgrades Increase Spearton units’ armor, health, and damage. Magikills Upgrades Increase Magikill units’ health, damage, and spell power.

Stick War Legacy Mods

Spells are powerful abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. They require mana by killing enemy units or building a statue. There are many types of spells.

  • Statue
  • Summon Spearton
  • Electric Wall
  • Swordwrath Rage
  • Poison

Buildings are essential for producing units and generating resources. They can also be useful in defense. Miners collect gold from mines. Upgrading the Mining increases gold collection. Statues can generate mana and heal nearby units. Castles Produce Swordwrath units.

There are other items in the Stick War Legacy that can benefit your army.

  • Wings of Liberty
  • Sword of Fury
  • Arrow Rain
  • Poison Spray

Zombie and Monsters Attack

Zombie mode allows you to fight against hordes of undead enemies in Stick War Legacy. you play as the commander of your stickman army and must defend your castle against zombie waves.

It’s important to keep upgrading your units and castle to increase your chances of survival, as the zombie attacks become increasingly difficult with each passing wave. Additionally, you can earn gems by defeating zombies.

Stick War Legacy RANKSAPK

MOD Features of Stick War Legacy MOD APK 

Unlimited Everything

You’ve the option to upgrade your army, purchase new weapons, infinity fan pack, Free shopping, unlock special abilities, earn unlimited gold and gems, unlimited tournaments and boost your mana with Stick War legacy unlimited everything.

Unlimited Gems and Gold

With the Stick War Legacy Mod Menu Mod Apk, unlimited gems and gold can be availed that are necessary to purchase units, items and upgrades.

Unlimited Chest

To access Stick War Legacy’s open chest feature you need keys. Stick War Legacy mod game apk open chest will give you unlimited keys without spending a dollar by which you can upgrade your weapons.

Unlock Characters

The modded APK of stick war unlocks unlimited and all the skins of your selected characters and units in the game. Make your army look unique by customizing it.

Stick War Legacy God Mode Menu

Some Additional Modded Features in Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy GodZilla MOD APK Click Victory

The Click Victory option in the Stick War Legacy modded APK is a powerful tool that allows you to win battles quickly. You can defeat your opponents with just a few clicks, saving your time and energy. Unlocking new and premium weapons and upgrading your existing ones by using Open Chest for Free feature in the mod version of Stick War Legacy APK gives you an edge over your opponents. 

Stick War Legacy GOD MOD No Ads

Are you annoyed by the appearance of ads during gameplay? Stick War Legacy APK Mod version Apk, provides an ad-free battlefield experience that allows you to concentrate on playing and winning the game.

The Process of downloading and Installing Stick War Legacy MOD APK

  • Visit RANKSAPK Go to the top of the page and tap on the download button.
  • Unknown resources should be enabled to install mods file of Stick War Legacy game.
  • Click the downloaded Stick War Legacy MOD version file.
  • The Mod version installation process of the Stick War Legacy started.
  • After that you can enjoy the Stick War Legacy MOD game latest version.

Pros and Cons of Stick War Legacy MOD APK


  • The game’s interface is easy to understand and play so everyone can understand it.
  • The multiple modes of the game will keep your interest in the game.
  • It’s possible to have unlimited money so you can buy any resource.
  • Stick War Legacy APK offers better 3D graphics with faster loading performance.
  • The Stick War Legacy Modded version APK is easy to download


  • The Stick War game may be lagged in some low performance devices.
  • The Stick War game’s endless mode becomes repetitive which makes boring items to the game.
  • The game only offers local multiplayer, limiting the ability for players to compete against others globally.

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Final Verdict

Modded Application of Stick War Legacy is a strategy-based incredible game focused on the concept of Stickmen, who are at war with each other. You play as one of the Stickmen and have to lead your army to victory against the enemy. Stick War Mod APK has the features listed above that make it stand out from other strategy games. The downloading process at our website RANKSAPK is easy. Don’t wait, try all the benefits right away.


By downloading the modded version of Stick War Legacy APK you’ll get unlimited money and gems.

The Click Victory option in the Mod version of Stick War Legacy APK allows you to win the battle quickly.

In Stick War Legacy, the fastest unit is the Swordwrath and the strongest unit is the Giant.

The last boss in Stick War Legacy is Magikill.

Yes, if you’re downloading stick war legacy MOD game from RANKSAPK. Stick war legacy mods are virus and malware-free at our website. 

No, You can’t be able to install Stick War Legacy Modded APK on IOS. RANKSAPK gives you mods of Stick war for android only.