PhotoRoom MOD APK v5.1.7 (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark)

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PhotoRoom Picture Editor APK Pro Unlocked

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In the age of online shopping, a few stunning and attractive photos can easily catch customers’ attention and highlight products. From now on, photos can be turned into masterpieces, and photo editing services can be confidently provided to friends and family.

With its user-friendly features, PhotoRoom can help improve businesses and boost revenue. You’ll never need to hire an artist again when you can do it yourself for free with PhotoRoom.

What is PhotoRoom APK?

PhotoRoom becomes the go-to application for editing, designing, and enhancing top-notch visual content, enabling efficient oversight of your business directly from your phone. PhotoRoom mod apk offers an extensive range of features, all designed to give images a professional look, making them ideal for product sales, profile pictures, or resume photos.

A notable feature is the background removal tool, which automatically eliminates the background from any photo. You can then replace the background with a more professional one or create a montage using various images available in the app. Additionally, the app provides colored backgrounds and creative filters to give images a modern and unique touch.

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About PhotoRoom MOD APK

Because the app continues to feature ads and in-app purchases, it can feel quite restrictive without access to the pro features. To address this, a modified version of PhotoRoom is provided on our website. Android users can enjoy the app without having to pay for premium features.

The offered modified version, grants Android users the comfort of working without any cost. With this MOD version you’re given access to all the premium features at no cost, which requires charges to use in the original version.

You get unlimited access to filters, templates, unlimited layouts to try in your photos and much more than the original version of Play Store.The PhotoRoom Mod APK just needs to be downloaded, and the provided instructions followed, to be ready to go.

How to Use a PhotoRoom?

  • Start by capturing a photo or picking one from your photo library.
  • Choose from the extensive collection of over 1000 available backgrounds or templates.
  • Customize the image by adding text, applying filters, removing the background, experimenting with Magic Retouch, adjusting contrast, or seamlessly integrating quotes using the user-friendly photo editor.
  • Incorporate your logo (accessible through PhotoRoom PRO).
  • You’re allowed to save your content to your Library of the application or you can share it directly to social media platforms.

How does the background separation in PhotoRoom work?

  • You can install the app and the app is ready to use.
  • Images are imported from your device into the app.
  • Tap the “+” icon labeled “Start from photo,” choose a photo from your Gallery, and then tap “Remove” to erase the background.
  • After removing the background, you have the option to replace it with one from the app’s gallery.
  • Deleting a photo’s background with PhotoRoom is quick, taking just a few seconds. The straightforward process, making it possible for everyone to use.

Features of PhotoRoom MOD APK App 2024

Easy To Use Interface

Featuring an exceptionally user-friendly interface, the application neatly organizes all its functions, making them easily accessible with a simple tap. Regardless of the user’s level of expertise, whether they’re new to editing or experienced, both skill levels are seamlessly accommodated by the app.

It’s worth noting that the PhotoRoom Pro APK supports over 10 different local languages, ensuring users can comfortably navigate using their preferred language.

Ready-Made Templates

More than a thousand templates are offered by PhotoRoom for users to edit images, with creativity being the only limit. Images can be enhanced by using patterns and adding text in different typography styles.

The PhotoRoom Mod APK also includes a collage maker, enabling users to combine multiple photos using the provided templates and share them with friends and followers.

Add Elements

If you run an online business, you’ll likely need to edit many photos. This app allows you to easily add different elements to your photos as needed. You have the ability to add your logo, stickers, and text to enhance the visual appeal of your images. You maintain full control over the design, while the app simplifies the process for you.

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Collages & Layouts

Creating collages is also simplified by the app. Multiple layouts can be added by you to ensure your collages are unique and eye-catching.

Cutout Features of PhotoRoom Premium APK

Moreover, the background removal feature in PhotoRoom MOD APK enables precise extraction of the image while retaining the desired background. An impressive aspect of this modified version is its rapid image editing capabilities. Images can be effortlessly enhanced without detection of any manipulation.

Saving and Sharing Your Creations

Well-known social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and various e-commerce sites are seamlessly connected with this app. You can effortlessly utilize your creations from this app within these linked platforms. Alternatively, you’re given the option to save your work as image files in your phone memory for later use.

Text & Branding

When a photo advertisement is created, adding a significant amount of text and effects is often necessary. This process is facilitated by the app, which provides a variety of unique effects and fonts for users to choose from.

Efficient Editing Tools

PhotoRoom MOD APK Pro features efficient and standard tools that captivate users, potentially unmatched elsewhere. You’re empowered to extract images in diverse styles without watermarks, access preloaded templates, and adjust export settings. Ultimately, your satisfaction is guaranteed with this ultimate iteration.

Unlocked Pro Version

While the standard PhotoRoom app comes with limited features, enhanced functionalities, additional templates, filters, and cut-out options are included in the pro version. Typically, a subscription must be purchased to access these pro features. However, by using this modified version, the pro features of the PhotoRoom app can be accessed for free.

photoroom no watermark

No Watermark

Images can be downloaded without any watermarks using this free app. It offers a convenient method to obtain photos in HD quality, with features that are accessible and easy to use.

Pros And Cons of  PhotoRoom MOD APK Cracked App


  • It is quick and user-friendly.
  • The backgrounds look realistic.
  • There is an extensive library of templates.
  • It is free to use.
  • Advertise your business on social media by crafting templates for social media platforms.


  • Masking cutouts manually can present challenges.
  • Requires an internet connection for usage.
  • It is basically optimized for mobile usage.

Download PhotoRoom MOD APK Premium

  • Download the PhotoRoom (MOD Pro Unlocked) version from this website.
  • Press the install button on your screen to commence the app installation process.
  • The installation will complete quickly, depending on your device’s configuration.
  • Upon successful installation, you can immediately begin using PhotoRoom.

Final Verdict

PhotoRoom Mod APK enables users to edit images both professionally and quickly. Its standout feature is the ability to remove backgrounds with ultra-professional precision, allowing visually appealing spaces to be created by users. Additionally, many functions are unlocked for free. Image quality can also be easily adjusted by users when downloading.

This image editing platform can be experienced by downloading PhotoRoom Mod APK without a watermark. Feel free to utilize it to remove backgrounds and edit your pictures in various ways. Take full advantage of the numerous features provided in the app to effortlessly enhance your photos. All these functionalities are accessible at no cost in our unlocked version of PhotoRoom.


The standout feature of PhotoRoom is its ability to remove and replace backgrounds in images, or to remove unwanted items from photos.

Indeed, this modified version is available for download and installation without any charge.

PhotoRoom represents the paid iteration of the app, requiring users to subscribe and pay a fee. In contrast, the PhotoRoom Premium App is provided free of charge.

PhotoRoom Pro Version can be obtained from a third party website at no cost. All the mod version of app are available at no cost.

Undoubtedly, PhotoRoom proves to be incredibly beneficial for swiftly and seamlessly removing or replacing backgrounds.