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Nova Launcher MOD APK

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In the realm of handheld devices, it’s common to adorn them with a variety of external elements. Yet, your creative vision extends beyond mere exterior design; you’ve the freedom to personalize your device’s theme, colours, and visual elements according to your artistic preferences. You might question the confidence behind this assertion. 

Nova launcher MOD APK is a modified edition that enables you to hide private apps by deleting them, which can only be accessed with a passcode. Enabling this feature also enhances device synchronization, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK

We stand firmly behind our statement because Nova Launcher Prime Apk consistently delivers on its promises. While the app itself doesn’t boast like we do, it certainly offers an array of appealing features, allowing users to personalize their experience to the fullest extent.

What is Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher is a robust and elegant launcher that empowers users to customize their home screen, icons, and folders. A standout feature of Nova Launcher is its impressive graphic quality, evident even in simple actions like swiping between desktops, which showcase elaborate 3D transitions.

In addition to aesthetics, Nova Launcher allows customization of device gestures, including the option to set up shortcuts triggered by shaking your Android device, though some features are exclusive to the paid version.

Furthermore, users can personalize icons across different desktops and create backups of their settings for easy transfer to other devices. This means you can effortlessly replicate your preferred style from your mobile phone to your Android tablet.

Nova Launcher seamlessly combines versatility with sophistication, offering a home screen experience full of innovative possibilities—a must-have for Android customization enthusiasts.

About Nova Launcher MOD APK?

Nova Launcher Prime is a premium application designed for personalization on Android devices. This application provides an array of advanced features that are unavailable in the free version.

Nova Launcher MOD apk stands out as the premier launcher and home screen replacement app for your Android device, renowned for its rapid performance, adaptability, and extensive customization options, Nova Launcher Prime grants you full control over your Android home screen, enabling you to tailor it precisely to your preferences.

What is its purpose?

Nova Launcher serves as a launcher loader, offering Android users the freedom to transform the appearance of their devices. It empowers users with a plethora of customization options, allowing them to tweak various elements such as backgrounds, colors, graphic effects, icons, and widgets. With Nova Launcher, users can enjoy a seamless and responsive user experience, enhancing their comfort and satisfaction whenever they interact with their phones.

Features of Nova Prime Launcher 2024

Impressive customization capabilities

Nova Launcher Prime is celebrated for its impressive customization capabilities. It provides control over icons, layouts, gestures, folders, the app drawer, and various other aspects. You’re encouraged to adjust icon sizes, styles, and colors, as well as incorporate custom icon packs to tailor your home screen precisely to your liking.

Furthermore, there’s a high degree of flexibility in arranging your apps. Personally, I find satisfaction in organizing my app drawer by creating tabs and categories, contributing to a cleaner and more structured layout.

Streamlined Shortcuts and Gestures

Nova Launcher Prime enhances efficiency in the digital age by streamlining shortcuts and gestures. With intuitive gestures like double-taps or swipes, tasks such as navigation, app launching, and executing actions become effortless.

Enhanced Widget Functionality

Nova Launcher Prime takes widget functionality to the next level, allowing for unprecedented customization. You’ve the ability to accurately resize widgets, seamlessly incorporating them into your meticulously designed layout. Moreover, Nova Launcher Prime supports widget overlap and enables the creation of custom widgets using integrated plugins and tools.

Dock Styles

Nova Launcher Prime provides a selection of dock designs to match your preferences. These options encompass the classic bottom dock, a centered dock, or a dockless layout for a sleek and minimalist appearance. Furthermore, users can adjust the number of icons displayed in their dock, enhancing accessibility and customization options.

Scroll Effects

Nova Launcher Prime introduces scroll effects that enhance the scrolling experience. Users can select from a variety of animations to improve transitions on their home screen, enhancing the interface’s overall dynamism and visual appeal.

Completely Free

Free of charge, unlike the Nova Launcher Prime available on Google Play, which comes with a price tag. Why not consider a launcher that provides identical features free of charge? If you’re intrigued, head to our website now. Locate the Nova Launcher Prime APK and download it to your device. Installation is straightforward, akin to other smartphone apps, and Nova Launcher Prime will be ready to use on your Android device in just a few seconds.

Icon Swipes

Elevate the usefulness of your home screen by adding swipe gestures to any icon placed on it. As an example, performing a swipe up gesture on the WhatsApp icon can immediately launch the Messages app.

Hide Apps

Declutter your App Drawer by hiding apps that you rarely use but prefer to keep installed on your phone, maintaining a clean and organized interface.

Drawer Groups

Enhance organization within your App Drawer by creating tabs and folders. This feature enables you to group apps into customized tabs and folders, ensuring an orderly arrangement.

Extensive Animation Variety

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the customizable animation options available for various functions. Nova Launcher Prime Apk provides a broad range of animations for scrolling and transitions within tabs and apps. You can seamlessly switch between them whenever desired. With our FREE Nova Launcher Prime MOD Apk, you’ll always have a vast collection of animation choices to keep you engaged.

Night Mode

Nova Launcher Prime’s Night Mode prioritizes eye protection and battery conservation.Instead of depending on manual activation, the scheduler facilitates automatic transitions to dark mode at specified times or when ambient light decreases. This feature enhances aesthetics while also saving battery power and reducing eye strain during nighttime device usage.

Backup and Restore

Nova Launcher Prime provides effortless backup and restoration options, guaranteeing the preservation of your meticulously organized homescreen setup, whether you switch devices or undergo a factory reset.

Search Bar

Nova Launcher Prime smoothly integrates a handy search bar onto your homescreen, simplifying access to web searches, app searches, and even in-app searches where applicable. This efficient feature saves time and effort.

Expand Your Options

Moreover, broaden your selection by importing layouts from other launcher solutions. This feature allows you to enhance your customization opportunities by incorporating layouts from diverse sources, enriching your overall user experience.

Regular Updates

With millions of active users, it’s inevitable that bugs and glitches may crop up with the launcher. However, thanks to the developers’ prompt responses and regular updates addressing bug fixes, Nova Launcher has earned its reputation as one of the best launchers for Android devices.

Nova Launcher Premium MOD APK

Pros And Cons of Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version


  • Speedy performance
  • Remarkably stable.
  • Superior customization options compared to other launchers.
  • Efficient utilization of storage and RAM.


  • Somewhat expensive.
  • Older devices may encounter lagging and unresponsiveness when using the launcher.
  • Low-end devices with limited hardware resources may experience difficulties in smoothly managing the launcher’s extensive customizations and features.

Download method of Best Launcher Nova Prime For Your Android

After acquainting yourself with the features of Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK, familiarize yourself with the application, which you’re likely to appreciate if you’re truthful. Here’s how to obtain the Nova Launcher Prime mod APK: Simply download the APK file onto your device and proceed to utilize it. If you haven’t already, follow these steps:

  • Start by downloading Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK.
  • Utilize the download button provided above.
  • Upon clicking, you’ll be redirected to another page containing the download button.
  • Initiate the direct download process by clicking on the download button. Be patient during the download.
  • Once the download has concluded, access your device settings and enable the ability to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Locate the downloaded file and commence the installation process by clicking on it, then selecting the install button.
  • Please allow some time for the installation process to finish.
  • With the launcher now installed on your device, you can personalize your experience by arranging icons and applying themes to your Android device.

Final Verdict

Open the door to boundless opportunities with Nova Launcher Prime APK. This robust tool serves as your unique ticket to unlock the full potential of Nova Launcher for free. Bid farewell to restrictions and welcome an unparalleled user experience. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your device with the hacked Nova Launcher Prime today and take it to new heights. Harness the full power of Nova Launcher to enhance your mobile experience. Embrace this essential addition to customize seamlessly and enjoy top-notch performance. Prepare for a journey of seamless customization and unmatched performance.Unlock the full potential of your device and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities.


Yes, Nova Launcher Prime lets you change the custom folder name multiple times.

No, this app is ad-free, ensuring a premium launcher experience without any advertisements or sponsored content.

Certainly, the premium version offers a wealth of exclusive features that cannot be found in the free version.

Yes, Nova Launcher doesn’t require write permission to external storage, so it can be moved to the SD card.

Yes, you can add icon packs from the ‘Nova Settings > Look and Feel > Icon Theme’ menu.