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Are you aware that everyone is a fan of music either Hollywood or Bollywood in this arena of life? Accessing music has become easier than ever before. The Gaana app, one of the world’s most popular music services, offers you a large collection of music in various genres. Moreover, Gaana MOD APK can give you an Ad-Free Experience and all other Gaana Plus Features without spending a single penny.

Gaana is an invention from Gaama Gaana LTD famous for its music streaming services. In no time, Gaana gained over 5 million users and 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store because of its engaging interface.

What is Gaana APK?

Gaana is a trending collection of music streaming applications in various genres and languages. Time Internet’s Gaana is a music streaming app that provides a wide range of songs in different languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and others.

Gaana APK

What is Gaana MOD APK

In 2010 Times Internet launched Gaana for music streaming. Gaana MOD APK is a premium version of Gaana that allows users to download unlimited music, no ads, and high-quality audio without paying for a subscription. The APK is available for free download on RANKSAPK. The application offers audio music in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and others.

Gaana comes with both a free and a paid version. The free Gaana APK comes with advertisements and limited downloads, whereas the Gaana Plus version has no limits and unlimited downloads and streaming. For accessing Gaana Plus features, you need to buy either a daily, monthly or yearly subscription package.

We’re here to provide you with a Gaana MOD APK that offers you all the features of the Gaana Plus version without fees. Gaana has multiple versions, each with its own features and enhancements. Some of the trending versions are discussed here

Gaana Plus MOD APK

It is the most trending Gaana APK version, because it has all the premium features of a developer application. Gaana Plus MOD APK provides an immersive interface without ads, it also provides users with unlimited high-quality music streaming and downloading.

Gaana Lite MOD APK

It is a lightweight version that offers a wide range of genres and languages for users to explore. Furthermore, Gaana Lite MOD APK drains very little power and data, making it particularly suitable for low-end devices.


The Gaana HD MOD APK offers an offline mode with no ads, which is suitable for users without an internet connection. Additionally, Gaana HD MOD APK includes a much larger library of songs and allows higher-quality audio streaming.

Gaana Pro MOD APK

Gaana Pro MOD APK offers free premium features that give you access to interviews with artists, live concerts and unlimited music. It also allows you to create your own playlists and save songs for offline listening. Gaana Pro MOD APK works as an AI agent and captures your emotions and previous history and gives you suggestions of songs accordingly.

Gaana MOD all versions

How can I Use Gaana MOD APK on PC?

Android Emulator giving you an opportunity to use Gaana Premium MOD APK on PC. 

How can I download Gaana MOD APK on iOs?

We’re sorry to convey to you that currently it’s not possible, the mod version APK of Gaana is only available for Android devices.

Features of Gaana MOD APK

No Ads

Gaana MOD versions remove annoying popup ads that interrupt your music listening sessions, providing an uninterrupted ad-free immersive experience.

Unlimited Downloads

With Gaana Mod version APK, you can download your favorite songs, playlist and albums directly to your device for offline listening, even without spending a single dollar.

High-Quality Audio

While listening to music, quality cannot be compromised. Thus, we introduced the Mod version of our application; now you can listen to your favorite tracks in high-quality audio formats, including 320kbps and FLAC.

Skip unlimited songs

Unlike the developer Gaana application, the MOD version APK of Gaana allows you to skip an unlimited number of songs, giving you complete control over your music playlist.

Lyrics and Song Info

MOD APK of Gaana provides lyrics and detailed song information, allowing you to dive deeper into the music you love. As a result, you can listen to similar tracks in the application based on AI suggestions.

Gaana MOD

Overview about Interface of Gaana MOD version

If you’re using Gaana for the first time you need to create your own account or log in using your existing Gaana credentials. It’ll help you personalize your music preferences and your saved playlists can be accessed on multiple devices by using your Gaana account. Now you can explore the vast music collection and discover tracks by your favorite artists. You can also explore different genres, or indulge in curated playlists crafted by music experts.

The application mod version offers a wide selection of podcasts and radio shows. You’ll also be updated with lyrics and sound information. Spread the joy of music by sharing your favorite tracks, playlists, and discoveries with your friends and fellow music enthusiasts. Get in touch with other music lovers, share your favorite artists, and explore the world of music together.

Pros and cons of Gaana MOD versions APK


  • Simple UI interface
  • A large music library
  • AI based personalized recommendation.
  • Support bulk language
  • Radio station and podcast


  • Update of application is difficult
  • Sometime compatibility issue
  • Always look for authentic source

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How to Download and install Latest version of Gaana MOD APK

  • Uninstall the Original or any other version of the Gaana application from your device.
  • Download Gaana MOD APK Latest version from RANKSAPK.
  • If asked, allow installation from our website.
  • Install Gaana MOD APK downloaded file.
  • Enjoy the Gaana Music library with premium features.
download and install Gaana

Final Verdict

Gaana Mod Apk is your gateway to limitless music. Here, you can enjoy high-quality music streaming, personalized recommendations, offline listening, with ad-free experience, you can unlock the true potential of your music experience and leave behind the limitations of traditional music streaming apps.

Through a few easy steps, you can find the top 10 KPOP songs, or the top 50 Hollywood songs and the top 50 Bollywood songs. We truly recommend you try Gaana if you’re a music enthusiast. Gaana is a complete music library with a simple interface. Moreover, you can create your own playlists and listen to them offline. 


Yes, if you’re getting the mod version of Gaana Pro APK from RANKSAPK, it’s totally free with all the premium options of Gaana.

Gaana is an online application, however if you’ve purchased a Gaana premium account you can download songs and listen to them later. Additionally, Gaana Premium MOD APK will have the same functionality without charging you a dime. 

Gaana premium account features can be accessed by using the MOD APK of Gaana available on our website. It also provides access to exclusive playlists curated by music experts and new releases before they are available on other streaming services.

Yes, if you’re downloading Gaana MOD APK from RANKSAPK, it’s virus-free and safe to use.