Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK v5.4.0 (MOD Menu, One Hit/kill) 2024

Dragon ball legends mod apk

Dragon Ball Legends GOD MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Dragon Ball legends MOD APK action based fighting game that permits you to fight with your hand. You’ll play as a savior of the iconic “Dragon Ball” movie and join as per your plan of action. This game inserts the power of your favorite characters from “Dragon Ball”, in your hands.

Overview of Dragon Ball Legends MOD Game 

If you’re looking for a game to please your devotion to fighting and action then Dragon Ball Legends God MOD APK is the best chance to grab. This play game is based on the animated series  “Dragon Ball” which strongly reinvigorates the epic Battles in the Dragon Ball world.

Dragon Mania Legends APK

In this game, you’ve to gather 7 gems to be called the sacred dragon and to attain the power of your dreams. But in this journey, you’ve to fight against your opponents, who are also on this journey, to gain your desire.

That is the reason why there is an expeditious limitless fight between good candidates for Dragon Ball. And this play game similar as Dragon Mania Legends that is accessible here to download and try right now.

Does Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK 2024 cost money?

If you want to enjoy this epic game in your Android version then you can download this game for free from our website. This website is offering you a modded and updated version of Dragon Ball Legends MOD Menu APK 2024.

Demanding Features in the latest version of Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK

The latest and unlocked version of Dragon Ball Legends MOD version APK 2024 has pivotal characteristics that make it more unique and entertaining. Some crucial features are described below.

Unlock favorite heroes

Based upon the original movie,  game developers also bring your favorite heroes in this PlayStation, and up to this point 400+ characters for making your choice. You’ll see your beloved heroes like Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin and TIen, and even eminent villains like Cell, Frieza, and Majin Buu all characters are unlocked.

Every character has its power, skills, and firmness. Players of this game have the liberty to choose characters they want for battles. This PlayStation provides you the ability to play as both a hero and a villain.

Remarkable Anime World and Visuals

This play station has been set in the DB universe including all your favorite locations that you’ve already noticed in Dragon City MOD APK. Colorful and detailed graphics are the attributes of a game that present a lively game world. Majestic cutscenes have also been featured in games that take your breath away. You’ll enjoy these 

cutscenes in the overall new version of this game. You’ll find various environments including Planet Namek, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and many more. You’ll also enjoy your character’s moves, which are animated in such a spectacular way.

Real-Time Battles

This game trench you against other players from all around the world in real-time battles. Make sure you use your most powerful strikes to come out on top. These real-time battles provide you with a thrilling experience of being in a realistic action place, which amuses your love for action and fights.

Train Your Unlimited DB Characters

In Dragon Ball Legends MOD Unlimited characters APK 2024, you can teach your character more skills to make them stronger. This will come in handy while fighting with tough rivals. You have the liberty to personalize the training to coordinate with your needs. There is a broad range of training to make choices.

Patronizing Sound System

The fast-moving battles go along with a high-quality sound system that makes sure you’re deeply absorbed in the game. The audio tracks are legendary like Roblox game and take you back to your early days.

Own Unlimited Power

In Dragon Ball Legends MOD iOS, you’ll be the only one who is capable of taking initiative in each action, you own infinite power but how to use this power is more important than having powers. You have to be conscious of how to use these powers effectively. The effective use of these powers, skills, and energy can make you a ruler.

Unlimited Crystals and Money

Chrono crystals are essential in this game Dragon Ball Legends Modded APK will allow you to have unlimited crystals and money without any cost.

Utilize Powerups and Boosters

Utilize boosters and Powerups occasionally, when they are necessary. These boosters are very useful to gain any lead over your opponents. Make sure to use them carefully so they don’t finish up.

Dragon Ball Legends Unlock crystals

How to download the latest and updated hacked version of Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK 2024?

Dragon Ball Legends Modded game is the modified version of Dragon Ball Legends which has some remarkable features that make your gaming experience more amusing and interesting. This updated version makes your skills useful to fight against your enemies. You can install this in your Android and iOS without single doller.

  • Download its free version as per given directions.
  • unknown sources should be enabled in case downloading games from any website.
  • After that , uninstall the previous version if you’ve.
  • Tap on the ” Download” button at this page.
  • Once the Dragon ball installation process is complete, you can start playing right away.

Through this simple process , Dragon Ball Legends MOD Premium APK can be  on your Android.

Dragon Ball legends unlimited characters

The method to download and install Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK on iOS?

Absolutely, you can install Dragon Ball Legends MOD version APK 2024 on your iOS for free. By following the up giving process you can discargat the updated MOD APK version of Dragon Ball Legends on your iOS.

Final Verdict

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is an amazing game that gamers of this series will love. It has all your favorite heroes, villains , locations and moves. 3D visual graphics are amazing including the sound system.

These features make you fully immersed in the game. Additionally, MOD APK offers you boundless resources, money and crystal, you can upgrade your character and enjoy the game to its peak.

Generally the MOD APK version of Dragon Ball Legends includes some characteristics that the original version lacks. This modded version has all the features and some extra features that the original version doesn’t have. So if you desire to enjoy the game with extra crucial features download it for a memorable experience.


By collecting chrono crystals and by finishing tasks and events you can unlock your all favorite characters.

You must have a strong internet connection to play this game. As it offers real time battles to entertain you.

Surely, players from various devices like Android, iOS, MAC ,PC can finish up this game together through online multiplayer mod.

The Instant Win feature ensures victory in battles, despite the rival’s strength or powers. Players can win battles instantly with this feature.