Among Us Mod APK 2024.3.5 (Mod Menu, Always Imposter)

Among Us mod apk

Among Us MOD APK Unlimited Everything

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In an action game, would you like to complete different missions in a spaceship? Among Us Online is a multiplayer spaceship game, which stirs up a storm in the worldwide gaming scene. With Among Us Mod menu , in the MOD APK, you can unlock some extra features that can enhance your productivity. You can use the Among Us download button on our website to download the latest mod APK.

Among Us MOD APK

 The game entails taking on the roles of astronauts aboard a spaceship, using social deduction. The goal of the game is to identify and vote off any imposters among the crew before they can sabotage the mission. The vibrant and colorful graphics of the Among Us APK allow it to create a fun and immersive environment.

What’s New in Among Us Modded APK latest version

  • Pusheen Cosmicube
  • Chat bounce removed
  • Free chatbox (Text auto save)

New Role

One of the most significant updates in Among Us APK Mod Latest Version is the introduction of new roles. These roles add a new layer of complexity to the game and force players to rethink their strategies. The new roles include:

  • Sheriff
  • Scientist
  • Engineer

New Costumes

With Among Us Latest Version mod APK, players can choose from a range of new costumes. These costumes include hats, skins, and pets, giving players the opportunity to personalize their character and stand out from the crowd. You can also explore the world by Frag Pro Shooter also.

Among Us APK

Addicted Gameplay

The gameplay of Among Us is simple and easy to understand, making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. In each round, players randomly receive either a crew member role or an imposter role. 

Crew members must complete tasks around the spaceship while trying to identify and vote off any imposters in their midst. Imposters, on the other hand, must sabotage the mission and eliminate crew members without being caught.

Among Us MOD APK 

Among Us Modded app is an action game where you can make a crew team and achieve your goals by identifying impostors. With its enhanced customization options and additional features, the Among Us Mods provides you with an enhanced gaming experience, which is why you should try it. 

The Among Us Mod menu allows you to play the multiplayer game with your social connections. With Among Us APK mod version, you’ll have full control over managing the game by using the extra features available within the application. 

Among Us MOD APK

Features in Updated Version of Among Us Mod APK 

Character customization

In the Among Us APK, you’ll be assigned a character randomly, A crew member or an imposter. Players can customize their avatars with a wide range of skins and hats, allowing for a more personalized and creative gaming experience. 

Maps customization

You can choose from different maps and game modes, providing variety and allowing you to customize your gaming experience. Every Map has its own region from lowest to highest.

Here’s the Among Us Map Names

  1. The Skeld
  2. MIRA HQ
  3. Polus

Improved user interface

The Improved User Interface in Among Us Mod game is a major advantage over the original game. The user interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive and user-friendly, which allows you to navigate and use it more easily.

Thrilling experience

 As soon as you have seen the dead body of any crew member, call a meeting of all the astronauts. This meeting has the goal of identifying and voting off the imposters. The game creates a thrilling and intense experience that keeps you on the edge of your seats.

Among Us MOD APK unlock

Cross-platform play

The game supports cross-platform play, allowing players to join games with friends or other players from around the world, regardless of the platform they are playing on. You can also try among us MOD APK on Android and iOS devices.

Additional MOD features of Among Us Mod APK

Mod Menu

In the Among Us MOD Menu option, you’ll have the option to start the game every time as an imposter. The Mod APK includes several other options, such as the ability to see through walls, fly, and more, adding a new level of excitement to the game. 

Unlimited players

In the Among Us APK, you’re given the option to add a maximum of ten astronauts. The Mod APK allows for an unlimited number of players in a single game, which is a significant improvement over the original game’s limit of 10 players.

Among Us Mod APK Always imposter

The modded version of Among Us always impostors enable you to play the game always in the role of imposter. This feature will help you, if you’re feeling frustrated by never getting the chance to be the imposter. This means that every time you play, you’ll be assigned the role of the imposter, making the game more thrilling and exciting.

Among Us MOD APK always imposter

Unlock all characters

Throughout the game, in the Mod version, all the characters are accessible without having to earn them through gameplay. If you’re going to find the perfect play style by experimenting with different characters, then you should try the modded version of Among Us APK.

Unlock all skins unlocked

Among us, the mod version allows you to unlock all skins, hats to make your character impressive. If you’re playing the game in the role of a crew member, this feature will enable you to blend in with the crowd and avoid suspicion from the imposter.

Unlimited Chat

Unrestricted communication grants players the ability to continuously share information, suspicions, or perhaps disseminate deceptive messages.

Unlock all pets unlocked

Cute digital pets can be purchased for money in the game.  It is only possible to access a glitch pet after watching a Twitch stream in the game. In addition to these pets, there are dogs, hamsters, chickens, robots, and so on. If you’re willing to use these pets free of cost, then you should simply try the mod version of the Among us APK.

Unlock with Radar

If you’re looking for a feature that will help you to detect the location of other players on map, then simply download the mod version of among us that comes with an unlocked radar feature. If you’re looking to identify impostors and complete tasks without being caught this feature will make your work easy.

No Ads

This modified APK version of Among us is free from advertisement, ensuring uninterrupted gaming. With these amazing and interesting features, you’ll be able to enjoy the game hassle-free and uninterrupted.

Among Us APK MOD

Free to download Among Us Mod Menu APK

The mod menu of among us is free to download, providing players with access to all of its features and improvements without having to pay anything. It can be downloaded for PC with the function of among us mod menu PC. Download Among Us Mod Menu application free is very simply just clicking on the button above.

Among Us MOD Version APK Download Process

  • Click the download button here to download the Latest Mod APK of Among Us.
  • If you have any version of Among Us APK, you must uninstall it.
  • Visit ‘Phone Settings’ and give permission to “install from external resources”.
  • Nice! You’ve done it. Keep enjoying

Pros and Cons of Among Us Mod Apk


  • You can add unlimited players in the Modified version of Among Us APK.
  • The user interface is improved, which enables you to navigate easily.
  • Skins and hats can be customized for the avatar in Among Us APK.
  • The Mod version of Among Us APK is totally advertisement free.
  • Playing the game as an imposter is possible every time.
  • In Among Us Modded APK, you’ll be able to unlock other mod menu options.


  • You can not play the game with your friends without a strong internet connection.
  • The download process may take your extra time instead of the original APK.
  • Some android versions may not allow you to install the Among Us Mod game.
  • Auto-update option is not available in the Among Us Mod version.
  • In Among Us the Mod APK, you’ll be able to unlock other mod menu options.

Final Verdict

The final verdict on Among Us Mod premium APK is that it offers several additional features and improvements over the original game, providing a new level of excitement and creativity. You can use many additional features like Among Us Mod APK always imposter feature, that allow you to experience the game always like an imposter.

The Among Us Mod menu enables you to play the game with some additional features which make you addicted to this game. Moreover, Among Us Mod version APK always downloads from some authentic source like here. So, download MOD Among Us APK and take advantage of exciting features that are available in the game. 


Among us is an online game. Moreover,  you can play it offline in Practice mode.

You can add a maximum of ten friends to play with. Moreover, in the mod version you can add unlimited friends to play with. 

An Android emulator allows you to enjoy all the modes on your PC.

The Among Us Mod APK has an imposter option in the mod menu, so you can play the game as an imposter every time.