Aim Carrom MOD APK v2.8.1 Latest version (Unlimited Coins, Shots)

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Download Aim Carrom Modded APK Unlimited Money

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An Introduction About Aim Carrom game

Aim Carrom serves as the Android rendition of the traditional carrom game. It mirrors all the features and thrill present in the conventional carrom board game. Your task involves pocketing different tokens scattered across the board.

The game boasts a multiplayer mode, providing the option to invite friends for a collaborative gaming session. As you progress through the gameplay, you have the opportunity to collect various powers that grant you access to new strikers, amplifying the force behind your shots.

Aim Carrom Hacked MOD APK 2024

Aim Carrom MOD APK serves as a supportive application, providing access to numerous premium features of the Carrom Pool game without any cost. Various mods are available in the market to address the challenges within the game, but only a handful of reputable ones empower players to navigate the game effortlessly.

The introduction of the Aim Carrom Modded game is aimed at ensuring that players can assert their dominance. Notably, the distinguishing feature of this carrom mod application is its free availability for download and use.

Furthermore, it introduces new functionalities and enhances aiming power, allowing players to excel without the necessity for advanced skills. It’s essential to acknowledge that this mod may provide an undue advantage to Carrom Pool players.

Gameplay of Aim Carrom Latest Hacked version

Aim Carrom ensures a smooth gameplay experience, allowing simultaneous participation for everyone. Are there comprehensive instructions provided at the game’s start to help players quickly grasp how to play and proceed?

On the gaming board, you will come across 6 white pucks, 6 black pucks, and 1 red puck. To shoot into the four holes at the table edge, you need to control the striker. You can opt to shoot either black or white pucks based on your preference. Whether you opt for white or black pucks, your opponent will use black pucks.

Shooting a puck is a straightforward process, posing no challenge for players. The available strikers in the game automatically set the angle based on the power plot’s location.

To target a goal, you can rely on a specific range of aiming angles. Simply tap and slide to the right or left to adjust the angle of a particular striker. Then, proceed to shoot. Your accuracy will be excellent as long as it aligns with the midpoint of gravity.

Key Features of Aim Carrom MOD APK

Latest MOD version of Aim Carrom APK, has so many amazing features offered to players that blow their mind and make them enjoy the game to its full potential.

Explore the Exciting Gameplay

Aim Carrom MOD APK offers a captivating gaming experience, enabling you to enjoy your favorite carrom game on your mobile device. With various thrilling features, the game enhances your gaming enjoyment and ensures endless fun.

The gameplay, though straightforward, is highly enjoyable, requiring precision in aiming skills and utilizing the advantages of Aim Carrom for flawless shots. Challenge skilled players worldwide, conquer each game, and earn rewards like unlimited money and gems.

Multiplayer Mode

In this game, players can discover a multiplayer mode, allowing them to challenge online opponents in real-time battles. Gather friends and family to enjoy a shared gaming experience.

Moreover, the game regularly hosts exciting events and tournaments, offering opportunities to compete against the world’s best Aim Carrom players and claim fantastic rewards by emerging victorious.

Advanced Shot Prediction

Another noteworthy feature of the app is its sophisticated shot prediction capabilities. In its latest iteration, the application deeply assesses your gameplay, anticipating various shot types like straight shots, bank shots, and ricochet shots.

This advanced shot prediction functionality serves as a valuable tool, refining your shot accuracy and notably increasing your chances of successfully pocketing your carrom pieces with every shot.

Aim Carrom MODs unlimited shots

Cushion Shot Guidance

A noteworthy aspect of the Aim Carrom hack  is the Cushion Shot Guideline. This feature assists players in accurately aiming shots that involve using the sides of the carrom board to create movement for striking carrom pieces that are not directly accessible. The presence of this tool aids players in developing strategies and refining their gameplay.

Complete Shot Control

In the modified version, users enjoy full control over their shots, gaining a competitive edge against opponents. The mod APK exclusively reveals aim and shooting points to the player, enabling precise targeting for maximum impact on their opponent’s pieces.

This strategic advantage allows players to select the right shots strategically, causing significant damage to their opponent’s game board and increasing their chances of winning.

Aim Carrom MOD Menu

The feature offered by the mod version of the original game, MOD APK of Aim Carrom allow you to enjoy its amazing features of unlimited money, ban protection, autoplay feature, have all VIP features unlocked and all strikers already unlocked. This prevents players from spending their original money to buy these premium features.

Ban Protection

To prevent detection by game officials and ensure account safety, the developers have integrated smart technology into the app. This precautionary measure guarantees a secure environment, allowing users to access all the advantageous features during Carrom Pool matches without the risk of being banned.

Unlock Premium Features

Aim Carrom Mod Apk is designed with unlimited access to premium features, enabling gamers to purchase any item from the in-game store. Utilize the Premium Unlocked feature to acquire crucial items, significantly improving your chances of winning the game. This exclusive feature is not found in the Standard Edition.

Unlimited Coins

The premium version ensures gamers have limitless resources, a highly valued feature. Aim Carrom Mod Apk offers unlimited coins, allowing you to unlock new carroms without any payment.

Autoplay Functionality

Aim Carrom latest hacked version has introduced an advanced robotic Autoplay system. In this system, the Aim Carrom AI automatically identifies your puck and skillfully pots each one, ensuring victory in almost every game. This feature allows you to accumulate an unlimited number of coins in the carrom pool, but it’s essential to note that it is currently undergoing testing.

Unlocking All Strikers

Obtaining this modded version of the game from this website grants you unlimited access to a diverse range of strikers, each presented in different colors. Furthermore, any newly introduced strikers with subsequent game updates will be automatically unlocked, sparing you the need for any additional purchases.

Access to All Strikers

By downloading the game from our website, you gain unlimited access to various strikers available in different colors. With each game update, newly added strikers become automatically unlocked, eliminating the need for purchases.

Aim Carrom unlock all strikers

Ad-Free Experience

Aim Carrom Modded version removes all in-game advertisements, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Strikers can be used without encountering ads, resulting in improved gameplay without interruptions.

Download Latest MOD version 2024 of Aim Carrom

  • The very first step is to uninstall the original version of Aim Carrom from your device.
  • Secondly, as the MOD version are third party applications, so you’ve to give permission to install them.
  • Navigating through device settings, allow installations from unknown sources.
  • Tap on the download MOD button of Aim Carrom given on this website.
  • After downloading the APK file, the installation process can be completed quickly.
  • Start playing your favorite game on your device, anytime.

Final Verdict

Download Aim Carrom MOD APK to simplify and enhance your gaming experience at higher levels. Enhance your overall performance and boost your chances of success in the gameplay. Unleash impressive shots, such as precise aim, strategic bounce shots, and surprising striker hits, ensuring victories in various situations.

All these fantastic features are easily accessible in the glossary. Obtain it today with its modified features, and it comes at no cost. Elevate your Carrom Pool game to new heights with Aim Carrom MOD APK!


Certainly, you can download the latest version for your Android device from this website, enhancing your Carrom Pool gaming experience.

Just install the application, open it, and initiate the Carrom Pool game within the app. A floating icon will emerge, providing you the option to activate beneficial features while playing.

Yes, this application is currently offered for freeĀ  download . You can access this MOD APK version from this website that is absolutely free to download.

Aim Carrom Pro APK is crafted as an anti-ban application, guaranteeing no chance of ID ban. It guarantees complete safety.

Absolutely, you can log in using either Facebook or your Google ID, and both options function smoothly.